Eyes of the Sea

Mist Walk


i Light Student Award 2020

Between the shore and the horizon lie beautiful deep royal blue waves that are therapeutic to behold, yet from the perspective of precious marine life that lives beneath, the view is far less seductive.

As plastic waste continues to accumulate in the ocean day by day, there is a dire need for efficient and sustainable solutions to the crisis. Eyes of the Sea is an installation that is upcycled by ironing and reshaping discarded plastic bottles to resemble captivating ocean waves, and casts wave-like shadows on the ground.

This brings to light the dichotomy of mesmerising waves on the surface, and the global problem of discarded plastics choking our oceans masked underneath.

About the Artists

About the Artists

Team Panorama is a group of Product and Industrial Design graduates from Temasek Polytechnic – Geraldine Tong Xin Yin, Jeremy Lai, Natalie Sim Kay Yee, Nor Nadia Diyana Bte Mohd Norzaidi and Shanmugam Pressanna Vaarish. They aim to create unique visual experiences that tell contemporary stories from fresh perspectives. These include developing consequential yet eloquent creations that go beyond what our naked eye can see.