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Fallen follows the story of an ethereal jellyfish that roamed the universe in search of stars to consume. One day, it stumbled upon a star that was twinkling in unusual colours. This curious wanderer unsuspectedly took many huge bites of the star to feed its insatiable hunger and its bloated body grew so heavy that it eventually crashed onto Earth.

Little did it know, the “star” was actually an accumulation of trash jettisoned into orbit by humans who ran out of disposal space for garbage. Will the jellyfish be able to survive this unfortunate episode and swim in space again?

About the Artists

About the Artists

Ina Hur (ARTINA) is a new media artist from South Korea who has been exhibiting her work in South Korea and Japan since 2016. Nerdist comprises Jihun Ko, Gwanwoo Hong, and Jonghyun Choi, who form an installation art film team based in South Korea. In 2019, they established a start-up arts studio producing live music videos and commercials.