Firefly Field

The Promontory at Marina Bay


Be enchanted by Firefly Field as it simulates the ever-changing bioluminescence of fireflies when they take to the air at dusk. The cleverly designed rhythm of lights in this installation mimics the intermittent flashing pattern of fireflies, which make use of blinking displays to send optical signals and locate potential mates. Flying in an effortless electronic swarm, the alternating light points create a dynamic illuminated scene that triggers curiosity and awe of the natural world. How many fireflies can you spot at The Promontory?

About the Artist

About the Artist

TOER is a multidisciplinary design studio from The Netherlands, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven.

Characterised by a strong exploratory and experimental approach, TOER pushes both the technical and aesthetic limits of design across a wide range of applied arts. From light installations and objects to interactive experiences and innovative products, all of TOER’s creations start with the freedom of play.