MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture

ArtScience Museum Façade


MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture turns mundane data into a stunning visual treat of moving lights, colours and sounds.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it reimagines publicly available data obtained from local weather recordings along with other environmental statistics into an enjoyable sensory experience for all, while drawing attention to climate change issues.

Presented by: Marina Bay Sands

About the Artist

About the Artist

OUCHHH is a global creative new media studio and a cutting-edge innovator in the creative field that has been in the art, science and technology scene for more than 10 years. The studio is a pioneer of data paintings and sculptures using a mind-driven approach, involving new technological models to reflect the variety of contexts and experiences that shape their futuristic perspective. The team currently consists of engineers, academics, creative coders, designers, media artists, motion graphic designers and other talented individuals from a variety of fields with a synced vision - knowledge creates an epic public experience. To date, OUCHHH has created 52 public art projects across every continent.