Plastic Whale

Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza


Walk into Plastic Whale and experience the scale at which this great mammal exists while hearing it breathe in distress. The whale is lit internally by varying colours of lights programmed to come on at intervals, depicting the whale’s struggles as it attempts to respire amidst a sea of plastic garbage. Infused with used plastic bottles and other plastic wastes and scraps, this life-size inflatable installation highlights the plight of whales and other aquatic life that are struggling to survive in their increasingly polluted homes.

About the Artists About the Artists

About the Artists

Feng Qiao has worked within the realms of digital media, design, installations and contemporary art. He has created several classic projects and won many awards - most notably at the Guangzhou International Light Festival in 2014 and 2015 and at the fifth edition of the International Art and Science Exhibition in China. He has organised, planned, hosted and judged many art festivals, competitions and large-scale events in China.

Craig Neo has collaborated with Liao Qingshuang and Li Jianwen, both from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, on many installation projects. Their latest work, Flower Clock, clinched the third prize at the i Light Student Award 2019 in Singapore. Their other collaborative work won first prize at the Guangzhou International Light Festival 2015. Apart from his involvement with installation art, Craig is also known in the digital industry as a “T-shaped” talent for being a consultant, UX/UI practitioner and developer all rolled into one. His passion and desire to empathise with business and user needs, and his consistent push for creativity balanced with optimisation has made him a partner of choice for many brands.