Esplanade Park


Underworld is an enchanting scene of giant lanterns that takes you to an imaginary undersea settlement. The spatial installation was inspired by the marine conservation efforts by the local community in Smögen, a small Swedish fishing village by the Skagerak Sea, where they are strongly committed to preserving their marine environment. Made of discarded fishing nets collected at the Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center in Sweden, the installation aims to shine a light on the fragility of our marine ecosystem.

Underworld is further amplified with a haunting auditory experience, comprising echoes of the sea and the chorus of urban life, to add a deeper contemplative dimension.

Photos by: Emil Petro

About the Artists

About the Artists

Aleksandra Stratimirovic is a visual artist with a special interest in light. A number of her permanent site-specific artworks are integrated within various public places and institutions in Sweden and abroad. In recent years, her artworks have been showcased in exhibitions at Guggenheim Museum in New York, National Museum in Stockholm, Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris and various global art events.

Leonel Kaplan is an Argentine trumpet player active in free improvisation. He is currently a composer with the Swiss theatre company - CapriConnection.